Monday, October 1, 2007

Things 1-11

Didn't get the hang of posting a blog item for each "thing" until thing 12. Did all of the 11 things, so hope this counts as my posting for them. I have left my "23 things" folder home today. Will try to remember it and write a more involved entry.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thing 23

I had a really gung ho attitude in the beginning, got frustrated in the middle, and decided to give it my all at the end since I won't be in a BCPL location again until 10/1 after tomorrow! I wasn't going to finish, and decided why stop midway. Go for it, and I did!

I really enjoyed some of the later activities like Web2.0, the Generator, and tagging.

As a part timer, I don't get the opportunity to have interaction with customers as regularly as full time staff, but can see where an introduction to many of the concepts presented throughout the 23 things could be helpful in dealing with the public.

Can't say there were any real unexpected outcomes. Knew there would be some new ideas and concepts presented, and look forward to re-exploring some of them in the future.

Sometimes, I don't think the new concepts were as clearly presented as they could have been. Instructions within some of the areas were confusing, and took several staff persons to figure things out. Clear and explicit directions would have made life easier, especially in Thing 17, sandbox.

I'm not sure I would participate again. As a part time person, I really don't have the extra time to devote to a program as involved as this along with my other branch responsibilities.

Thing 22

That was a relatively easy one thanks to the training received from BCPL. I just logged in through the BCPL home page into Overdrive, but didn't download a book as I am using a BCPL computer. I listen to, and read so many books, but find that downloading them to a computer holds no interest. Don't sit at one location long enough to really get into a book!

Maybe if the day comes that I'm off my feet, I'll try it out!

Thing 21

First frustration is that I couldn't get the computer I've been using to play anything. It kept trying to install active X and then would say the file was corrupted. May have to try this one at home.

Did get an RSS feed for travel, though. Some success!

Thing 20

I enjoyed being able to reminisce about the commercials from the 70's. Had forgotten how simple they were compared to some of the ones being used today. At least you knew the product being advertised with those commercials.

Plugging on!

Thing 19

Well, I'm spending time on each blog, but also trying to get finished!

I checked out the Web2.0 award list and went to books since as a librarian, that seemed appropriate! Found that the books site, Lulu was interesting and had all kinds of information that could be useful to customers as well as staff.

Thing 18

Wow! I can really see the use of Zoho Writer or Google docs! It's a great way to create documents that you may want to access from multiple locations! It's probably also a great tool for persons that don't have a current word processing program on their computers.

Don't know how often I'll be using, but good thing to know about!